From A-nanas to Z-ander

Gastronomy for groups

The gastronomic credo of Sport Resorts Fiesch is: "A healthy cuisine for the young and young at heart, for athletes and seniors, for pupils and leaders, etc.» Thanks to the modern, top-equipped large-scale kitchen, we are predestined for the catering of groups. The modern arranged Self-Service (Free Flow) reduces waiting times to an absolute minimum. The spacious dining room makes it possible for large groups to be fed within a short time.

In the centrally located restaurant, our kitchen team ensures the well-being of our guests. A balanced breakfast buffet (according to the specifications and standard of the Swiss Youth Hostels) will help to get you into a good mood already early in the morning. We mainly use fresh products, whenever possible from the region.

The kitchen brigade works their magic  and puts a healthy and balanced meal on your plate 3 times a day with the smallest budget.

Where to eat?

Meeting point dining room and  «Olympia-Stubji»


Meal times

The meal times are set by us one week before arrival. On arrival, we ask you to contact the restaurant manager regarding table allocation. He sets the individual group meal times. Your wishes will be taken into account whenever possible. For very large groups it is not possible without shift work. Also our restaurant manager will be glad to help you here.


Allergy / Intolerance

One of our biggest strengths is that we take allergies and intolerances, reported by our guests in advance, into account (vegetarian and vegan food, diabetes, lactose-, gluten-, nuts- and celery-intolerance, etc.).


Food leftovers

Our kitchen and service employees are encouraged to put "reasonably big" portions on their plates. Children's eyes often do not look "big enough". Of course, all guests may serve themselves a second time (or several times) from the side dishes. We ask the managers to support our employees so that as few food items as possible have to be disposed of. For meat, fish and desserts, there are usually no seconds.


Regional origin

The consideration of the region is very important to us during the purchase. The bread for instance is delivered by the local bakery. We buy meat, vegetables, fruits etc. from our major supplier, Alexander Walker in Bitsch. With the used, regional and local products we watch out that the sustainability is given the necessary attention. We want to be a role model for the many young guests and make a valuable educational contribution to environmental awareness, without acting as a schoolmaster. It should be fun to eat in the Sport Resort and still taste good. In addition, we thereby keep the waste mountain as small as possible. 


SWISS Specialities

Would you like to organize a special Swiss evening for your participants? We are happy to serve Valaisian (and other Swiss) specialities such as "Raclette" and cheese fondue, but you can also order a rich fondue Chinoise with us. Please make a reservation well in advance (minimum 2 days).