For nature-loving ski and club camps

The Alpine house is located on the Fiescher alpine (Kuehboden), right next to the ski slope and is open for five months during the winter (December - April). It offers space for 67 people and can be rented for groups of 40 or more, on request even outside the opening times. The Alpine house is particularly suitable for a camp of the same group.

The Alpine house at the ski slope (2.222 m above sea level)

Ski depot Alpine house- right next to the slope

In the basement of the Alpine house lies a multi-roomed ski depot that offers space for a total of 1.080 pairs of skis and / or snowboards. The allocation of the ski room is performed by the reception. Your wishes will be taken into consideration whenever possible; Please notify them in good time before arrival. Please note that the ski rooms are not privately available, depending on occupancy. Important note about the room temperature: it is set to approx. 19° – 20° in the bedrooms.

Mountain Tourism

In principle, the same conditions apply to the mountain as to the resort down in the valley. In addition, there are a few additional rules to consider.

Waste disposal Alpine house

Also, the rule that you take your own waste back to the valley is to be respected. The house groups can dispose of their waste at the collection point at the aerial cable way Fiesch-Eggishorn on the Fiescher alpine. The Alpine house team would like to thank you very much in advance for your support!

All empty bottles that will have to be disposed of by our employees and which have not been bought in the Alpine house, will be charged with 0,50 francs per unit.

Lunch at the Alpine house

In winter, the Alpine house  is available for all our full board guests for lunch. The given meal times must be strictly followed.