For the sake of the environment

The resort is committed to the environment, after all it is situated in the middle of a small forest. We seek the harmony between intensive living and lovely nature. 


Solar energy

On the flat roofs of our buildings, 1.491 solar modules (1.645 m²) produce around 250.000 kWh of environmentally friendly electricity per year. Herewith you could provide 60 households with electricity for a full year. The photovoltaic system feeds power into the entire resort in summer and winter. We sell the electricity surplus.

Thermal Solar System Indoor Pool

Thanks to 80 solar panels (208m²) mounted on the roof of the indoor swimming pool, the power of the sun is used to heat (28 °) the spring water in the swimming pool.

Spring water

The holiday village benefits from the unique situation that an in-house water source provides the best spring water in sufficient quantities for its guests, be it for drinking, showering, swimming or cleaning. Herewith we have a treasure that continues to become more valuable.

The water quality is so high that we need much less chlorine than other indoor pools. Therefore, our pure spring water guarantees more water fun, without red eyes and a rash. Our blue gold is a USP, for all the swimming clubs that train here in the water for many hours a day. The Holiday village is a member of the association GOTTHARD - CONNECTS and with this it manifests that the resource water lies close to its heart:

Electric car–Charging station

In cooperation with EW Goms, the holiday village has been providing its guests with a power charging station for cars since the summer of 2017.


So that our waste mountain does not exceed the Matterhorn, we collect and separate empty glass and PET bottles as well as aluminium and cardboard, paper and plastic.