Searching for crystals in the Binn valley

Landscape park “Binntal”

Vis-à-vis Fiesch the famous music village Ernen is situated on the other side of the valley, as well as the "powerful" Binntal. It is rich in special minerals and offers young and old impressive experience: the "radiance". Binn is known as a mineral village, and Binntal is considered as a valley of hidden treasures. These are stored in the various stones that form the valley. Although the minerals are not easy to find, you can find the stones everywhere you go. We invite you to discover the minerals and stones of the Binn valley.

Dizzying  suspension bridge

Combine the radiance with a dizzying hike from Fürgangen over the "Goms Bridge" (280 m) to Mühlebach. Maybe you are lucky and meet Patrizia Kummer, our ambassador, the Olympic champion in snowboarding in Sochi, during her strength training in front of her "Café Hängebrigga".