Free entrance into the indoor swimming pool

Swimming in fresh, pure spring water

The indoor swimming pool is part of the Sport Resort Fiesch and can be used free of charge by our guests. Our indoor swimming pool is also available - against payment - for foreign guests. Consult our price list given below.

The water quality is so high that we need much less chlorine than other indoor pools. Therefore, our pure spring water guarantees more water fun, without red eyes and a rash! A big advantage for all swimming clubs who train with us in the water for hours.

For safety reasons, a maximum of 120 people (excluding supervisors) can stay in the swimming pool at the same time. Therefore, reserve your desired time window at the reception desk in advance.

Our indoor swimming pool has:

  • a non-swimmer's pool (9.5m x 12.5m),
  • a swimming pool (12.5m x 25m),
  • an Aqua-Fit lane,

A small room sauna for 4 persons (>age 16), can be rented for max. 2 hours for an extra charge.

Opening hours

Opening hours

Water temperature and quality

The water temperature is permanently 28°. Since many sports federations belong to our guests and also use the indoor swimming pool, we adjust the water temperature according to their wishes.

The water quality is so high that we need much less chlorine than other indoor pools. Therefore, our pure spring water guarantees more water fun, without the effect of red eyes and a rash!

The water quality is checked daily. The cleanliness of the water and the hygiene are checked monthly by the competent cantonal authority.

Safety / Responsibility

Please put your belongings in a locker (depot CHF 2.-)

The responsible group leader is responsible for the supervision of the group in the whole area of the indoor pool. The responsibility cannot be delegated to the pool attendant. The pool attendant is only responsible for the safety of the bathers, not for the discipline within a group of guests. The instructions of the pool attendant must be followed strictly. Safety as basic rule: Respect for other guests and groups is the basic condition for an orderly indoor swimming pool activity. For each 20 participants, an accompanying adult is required.

Bathing regulations

The indoor swimming pool users stick to the bathing regulations, which are also made public in the indoor swimming pool.

  • You may only bath in bathing suits. Burkinis are allowed;
  • Empty your swimwear bags first;
  • Take a shower before bathing;
  • Those who do not swim are requested to clean their feet in front of the pool entrance (disinfect);
  • The instructions of the indoor swimming pool staff are to be followed strictly;
  • Valuables are to be enclosed into the designated cabinets. We are not liable for losses;
  • For hygiene reasons, it is forbidden to take chewing gum into the pool;
  • The internal organization within the pool must be respected. The playing zones, swimming and aqua lanes are marked;
  • In case of damage, the resulting losses are to be reported to the pool attendant.

In case of uncertainties or special requests, please contact the pool attendant.

We wish you a lot of bathing fun!

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Indoor swimming pool

The house spring water is heated with thermal solar energy.


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