Rope park for each level

Happiness prevails at the Swiss Seilpark Fiesch, which is opened from May to October. There are five different courses with different difficulty levels available.

Rope park for everyone

The easiest course takes about 1 hour, the most difficult one about 2 hours. If you want to complete all the courses together, you will need about 3 hours. The helmets are - for hygienic reasons - cleaned after each use and the gloves sprayed with a special spray. We ask you to read and print the terms of use. Filling out the Terms of Use is part of the preparation for the Rope Park Adventure. Here you can find the introduction film for the correct use of rope park. Our rope park guides introduce you to the park and look after you during the various passes. The rope park can be occupied with a maximum of 80 people at the same time. In case of large crowds, groups (up to 25 people) follow each other on a 20 minutes cycle.

The start for groups is at the "Equipment Base" - chalet Ahorn and for individual guests – normally – at the Tree bar  (Baumbar). The Tree bar is located next to the stairs to the restaurant and is open in the months of July to about mid-October.

One course is also suitable for wheelchair users (by appointment and only with an accompanying person).

General opening times

July and August daily from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm. (except friday)

Last admission at 16:00 hrs. 

September –  October  by appointment, from 10 people

The rope park is closed during the Zurich camp from 6 to 12 October 2019!


Guests: min. 130 cm and max. 120 kg, adolescents up to 11 years only when accompanied and from 11 to 14 only under the supervision of an adult, with sports clothing and good shoes. Equipment is delivered, including helmet and gloves.

Category Adults Adolescents
Single entrance (with guest card) CHF 35.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 30,00) CHF 28.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 23,00)
Families (with guest card) CHF 31.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 26,00) CHF 25.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 20,00)
Wheelchair users by appointment, with accompanying person (with guest card)
The accompanying person is free of charge
CHF 29.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 24,00) CHF 24.00 (with overhead costs: CHF 19,00)
External groups / Schools (with guest card) From 10 adults: CHF 29,00
(with overhead costs: CHF 24,00)
From 10 adolescents: CHF 24,00
(with overhead costs: CHF 19,00)
Groups of the Sport Resorts Fiesch (with guest card) CHF 24,- CHF 19.–
Contact / Reservation

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Feriendorf 1
CH-3984 Fiesch
Tel. +41 (0)27 970 15 15
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