The Fiescher alpine - the Mecca of the Swiss paragliding scene

Only for true para gliders and hang gliders Pure action! Joy prevails! Or just as the old pilot saying: Only flying is more beautiful! Are you a passionate para glider or an experienced hang glider? Then you are at the right place with us. First adrenalin, then a Glasji Wii as the crowning finale.

The Fiescher alpine and Eggishorn together form the Mecca of the Swiss paragliding scene. The geographic and thermal conditions of the Fiescher alpine and Eggishorn are ideal for the sons of Icarus. Above Kuehboden every "hose", every "finale" becomes the high light or the summer. Long-lasting flying experiences are for sure. Enjoy every meter of flight level as if it were your most beautiful one ever. Because there are not many places in the world where you can enjoy such a unique and indeed an enormous panorama during your flight. Fly a Volte and you will already have seen over 40 mountain peaks of the four-thousander category with your own eyes. Even the "Horu" (Matterhorn) is easy to recognize from your para glider.

We also have beds for flying groups

Are you a few pilot buddies who would love to enjoy the most beautiful hobby in the world together? Then book your arrangement right away at the nearby situated Sport Resort Fiesch, only 10 minutes away from the valley station of the aerial cableway Fiesch - Eggishorn entfernt. We also have plenty of storage space available, if you prefer not to take your glider to bed. First, check in as a flying group at the guest house Aletsch and then enjoy a cheese fondue together at the Olympiastübli.  And let's not forget the indoor swimming pool that invites you to relax. Already an exciting duality arises: Dive into the air and into the water. Who else can do that besides you? What else does the spoiled para glider pilot want?

Can you not para glide on your own? Then simply book a tandem flight at in Fiesch. You can be sure. The flight will be one of your most adventurous experiences in your life.