The Feriendorf Fiesch cooperative was founded in 1962. Work shortly began on the construction of the military hospital and the adjoining in-patient buildings, which would later be turned into group accommodation. The result was a unique symbiosis of military and civilian facilities in a multifaceted complex.
Demand for healthy, sporty recreation in the Alps grew. The Fiesch Spa and Recreation Centre opened its doors in the summer of 1967. Since then, the holiday village, as it has been popularly known up to the present day, has hosted almost eight million overnight stays. In the past, school classes from Switzerland (particularly from urban areas) and neighbouring countries (especially Belgium and Luxembourg) enjoyed the healthy mountain climate of Upper Valais. The aim, then and now, is to offer children from the cities experiences in the mountains. Over the decades, the name of the holiday village changed several times. Its current name “Sport Resort Fiesch” reflects the overall theme of the complex which, thanks to its spacious sports facilities, is able to offer sport, exercise and accommodation within a compact space. 
Over the past 50 years, the resort has undergone several facelifts. Since the beginning, well over CHF 100 million has been invested in infrastructure, including spacious group pavilions, the Fiescher Hostel, Valais chalets and modern sports facilities.

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