Checklist Tennis and fitness centre

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 15.00-21.00

Friday: 14.00-20.00

Saturday, Sunday, public holidays: closed


1. open the door with the "SportCard", close the main entrance door after entering the building. 

2. the light switches for the fitness centre are on the 1st floor.

Turn on the lights (main light switch behind the reception), quarter turn -> ON.

3. tennis and badminton rackets, tennis balls and shuttlecocks are located behind the reception desk

3.1 Report the number of materials needed at the reception (Sport Resort).

3.2 Material must be put away properly after use.

4. badminton court

4.1 Attach the net string to the holders.

4.2 Position the net poles on the markings on the court. 

4.3 Place net incl. poles on the court (material is behind tennis court no. 3).

4.4 Roll out the court

5. tennis / badminton hall

    5.1 Access only with indoor shoes

    5.2 Get key for glass door at check-in

    5.2 Wipe tennis courts at the end

    5.1 When leaving the hall, close glass door again

    5.3 When leaving the building, close all windows

    5.4 Turn off all lights -> OFF